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AppDynamics Commands


create-event: Create events for an application

delete-collector: Delete a collector

get-actions: Get all actions of a given application ID

get-applications: List applications

get-backends: Get all backends in a business application

get-business-transactions: Get business transactions for a given application

get-collector: Retrieve collector

get-dbagent-events: Retrieve DB agent events

get-events: Get events in an application

get-health-rule-violations: Get all health rule violations of an application in a specific time period

get-health-rules: Get health rule of given application

get-metrics: Get metric hierarchy

get-metrics-data: Get metric data

get-nodes: Get all nodes in a business application

get-policies: Get all policies of a given application ID

get-server: Retrieve database server

get-tiers: Get all tiers for a business application