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PagerDuty Commands


add-team-user: Add member to a team in your pagerduty account.

create-event-rule: Create rulesets

create-incidents: Create incident

create-ruleset: Create rulesets

create-service: Create a new service.

create-team: Create a new Team.

create-user: Add user to your PagerDuty account.

delete-event-rule: Delete an event rule

delete-ruleset: Delete a rulesets

delete-service: Delete a specific service.

delete-service-event-rules: Delete existing services.

delete-team: Delete team your PagerDuty account.

delete-team-user: Delete member to a team in your pagerduty account.

delete-user: Removes user from your PagerDuty account.

get-escalation-policies: List all of the existing escalation policies.

get-event-rule: Get a rulesets

get-incident: Get an incident

get-incident-alerts: Get alerts for an incident

get-incident-logs: Get logs for an incident

get-ruleset: Get a rulesets

get-service: List a specific service.

get-service-event-rules: List existing services.

get-team: List teams of your PagerDuty account.

get-user: Get a user by ID.

list-event-rules: List all Event Rules on a Ruleset.

list-incident-alert: list alerts for an incident

list-incidents: List incidents

list-on-calls: List the on-call entries.

list-priorities: List existing priorities.

list-ruleset: List rulesets

list-schedules: List the on-call schedules.

list-service-event-rules: List Event Rules on a Service.

list-services: List all services.

list-team-users: List members of a team.

list-teams: List teams of your PagerDuty account.

list-users: List all the users of your PagerDuty account.

related-incidents: get related incidents

update-event-rule: Update a event rule

update-incident-alert: Update alerts for an incident

update-incidents: Update incident

update-ruleset: Update a rulesets

update-services: Update existing services.

update-user: Update user to your PagerDuty account.