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ElasticSearch Commands


cancel-tasks: Cancel a long-running task

clear-cache: Clear the caches of one or more indices

close-index: Closes Index

cluster-reroute: Change the allocation of shards in a cluster.

create-index: Create a new elastic search index

delete-by-query: Delete documents that match the specific query

delete-document: delete document from index

delete-index: Delete elastic search index

get-cluster-allocation: Get an explanation for shards current allocation

get-cluster-health: Get elastic search cluster health

get-cluster-settings: Get elastic search cluster wide settings

get-cluster-state: Get elastic search cluster state

get-cluster-statistics: Get elastic search cluster statistics

get-document: get document from index

get-ilm-status: Get current index lifecycle management status

get-index: Get elastic search index

get-index-segments: Get elastic search index segments

get-index-settings: Get elastic search index settings

get-index-stats: get stats of indices

get-node-stats: Get elastic search node statistics

get-shards: Get detailed view of what nodes contain which shards

get-tasks: Get tasks currently executing in the cluster.

ilm-explain: Explain index lifecycle management

ilm-retry: Retry executing the policy for an index in ERROR step

list-cluster-allocation: Get compact and aligned text explanation for shards

nodes-info: Get cluster nodes information

open-index: Open closed index

pending-tasks: Get cluster-level pending tasks

raw: Run an elasticsearch raw command based REST API

recoveries: Get shard recoveries

rollover: Rollover an index alias or data stream

search: Search with a given query

shrink-index: Shrink an existing index

split-index: Split an existing index

start-ilm: Start the index lifecycle management (ILM) plugin

stop-ilm: Stop the index lifecycle management (ILM) plugin

update-by-query: Update documents that match the specified query

update-cluster-settings: update elastic search cluster settings

update-document: update elastic search document

update-index-settings: update elastic search index settings