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datadog list-permissions

Returns a list of all permissions or for a role


Returns a list of all permissions or for a role


datadog list-permissions
    [--site <site>]
    [--role <role>]


site - (string)

     Site where this command will be executed
     Example: --site "site-1"
     Default:      Attributes: optional

role - (string)

     The unique identifier of the role
     Example: --role "role-1"
     Default: _None_      Attributes: optional



!datadog list-permissions --role "ba26c340-82a9-11ed-b5cb-da7ad0900005"
ID                                      NAME
984d2f00-d3b4-11e8-a200-bb47109e9987    Standard Access
5e605652-dd12-11e8-9e53-375565b8970e    Logs Read Index Data
62cc036c-dd12-11e8-9e54-db9995643092    Logs Modify Indexes
6f66600e-dd12-11e8-9e55-7f30fbb45e73    Logs Live Tail
7d7c98ac-dd12-11e8-9e56-93700598622d    Logs Write Exclusion Filters
811ac4ca-dd12-11e8-9e57-676a7f0beef9    Logs Write Pipelines
84aa3ae4-dd12-11e8-9e58-a373a514ccd0    Logs Write Processors
87b00304-dd12-11e8-9e59-cbeb5f71f72f    Logs Write Archives
979df720-aed7-11e9-99c6-a7eb8373165a    Logs Generate Metrics
d90f6830-d3d8-11e9-a77a-b3404e5e9ee2    Dashboards Read
d90f6831-d3d8-11e9-a77a-4fd230ddbc6a    Dashboards Write
d90f6832-d3d8-11e9-a77a-bf8a2607f864    Dashboards Public Share
4441648c-d8b1-11e9-a77a-1b899a04b304    Monitors Read
48ef71ea-d8b1-11e9-a77a-93f408470ad0    Monitors Write
4d87d5f8-d8b1-11e9-a77a-eb9c8350d04f    Monitors Manage Downtime
1af86ce4-7823-11ea-93dc-d7cad1b1c6cb    Logs Read Data
b382b982-8535-11ea-93de-2bf1bdf20798    Logs Read Archives
7314eb20-aa58-11ea-95e2-6fb6e4a451d5    Security Rules Read
7b516476-aa58-11ea-95e2-93718cd56369    Security Rules Write
80de1ec0-aa58-11ea-95e2-aff381626d5d    Security Signals Read
5c1680d0-ff6d-11eb-a494-da7ad0900005    Security Signals Write
9ac1d8cc-e707-11ea-aa2d-73d37e989a9d    User Access Invite

Access Control

To use this command, you need access to the following:

Field Value
Action "read"
Service Type "datadog"
Service Instance
Object Type "permission"
Object ID

Please see Access Control for details.