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datadog get-hourly-usage

Get hourly usage by product family


Get hourly usage by product family


datadog get-hourly-usage
    [--site <site>]
    --start <start>
    [--end <end>]
    --products <products>
    [--limit <limit>]
    [--next <next>]


site - (string)

     Site where this command will be executed
     Example: --site "site-1"
     Default:      Attributes: optional

start - (string)

     For usage beginning at this hour
     Example: --start "start-1"
     Default: 1 day ago      Attributes: required

end - (string)

     For usage ending before this hour
     Example: --end "end-1"
     Default: now      Attributes: optional

products - (string)

     Comma separated list of product families to retrieve
     Example: --products "products-1"
     Default: all      Attributes: required

         allowed values: all, analyzed_logs, application_security, audit_logs, serverless, ci_app, cspm, custom_events, cws, dbm, fargate, infra_hosts, incident_management, indexed_logs, indexed_spans, ingested_spans, iot, lambda_traced_invocations, logs, network_flows, network_hosts, observability_pipelines, online_archive, profiling, rum, rum_browser_sessions, rum_mobile_sessions, sds, snmp, synthetics_api, synthetics_browser, synthetics_parallel_testing, timeseries

exclude_descendants - (bool)

     Include child org usage in the response
     Example: --exclude_descendants
     Default: false      Attributes: optional

limit - (int)

     Maximum number of results to return (between 1 and 500)
     Example: --limit 1
     Default: 50      Attributes: optional

next - (string)

     List following results with a next_record_id provided in the previous query
     Example: --next "next-1"
     Default: _None_      Attributes: optional


datadog get-hourly-usage --next "next-1"

Access Control

To use this command, you need access to the following:

Field Value
Action "read"
Service Type "datadog"
Service Instance
Object Type "usage"
Object ID

Please see Access Control for details.