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Subscribe to alerts using Google Cloud Monitoring (formerly Stackdriver).


Stackdriver integration gives you ability to send your alerts to maira using Stackdriver webhook. These alerts will be added to maira as events and any playbooks associated with the event type will be run.


To configure Maira as Google Cloud Monitoring notification channel, follow the following steps: 1. Go to Google Cloud Monitoring dashboard 2. Select the project that you want to use at the top 3. Under Webhooks, click on "ADD NEW" link. 4. In the dialog box, enter these values: - Endpoint URL:<site-name> - Display Name: Choose any name for this webhook - Check the "Use HTTP Basic Auth checkbox" - Auth Username: Enter the CLIENT_ID provided by maira - Auth Password: Enter the CLIENT_SECRET provided by maira

  • Click on "TEST CONNECTION" link to test this webhook. This should result in a test event being sent to Maira that should be visible in Maira dashboard.
  • Click on "SAVE" button to save the webhook config.