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Jira Commands


add-issue-comment: Add comment to issue

add-issue-labels: Add label to issue.

add-vote: Adds the user's vote to an issue.

add-watcher: Adds the watcher to an issue.

archive-project: Archive a project.

assign-issue: Assign issue to user

clone-issue: clones the issue to same project

copy-attachments: Copy attachments to another issue.

create-custom-field: Creates a custom field.

create-issue: Create Jira Issue.

create-project: Creates a project based on a project type template.

create-project-version: create a new version of project.

create-user: Creates a user.

create-workflow: Creates a workflow. If no transitional rules are specified the default system transition rules are used.

delete-attachment: Deletes attachment using attachmentId.

delete-issue: Deletes an issue

delete-issue-comment: Delete comment to issue

delete-project: Delete a project.

delete-user: Deletes a user.

delete-vote: Deletes user's votes on an issue.

delete-watcher: delete watcher using accountId for an issue.

delete-workflow: Deletes an inactive workflow.

get-all-workflows: Returns a paginated list of published classic workflows. When workflow names are specified, details of those workflows are returned.

get-all-workflows-transition-rule-configuration: Returns a paginated list of workflows with transition rules.

get-attachment: Gets attachment from attachmentId.

get-fields: Returns system and custom issue fields provide issue for .

get-issue: Returns the details for an issue

get-issue-changelogs: Returns a paginated list of all changelogs for an issue sorted by date.

get-issue-comment: Get comment to issue

get-issue-labels: Get label from issue / All labels.

get-permissions: Returns all/uers's permissions.

get-project: Returns project visible to the user.

get-project-version-issues-count: Returns a issue count of project version.

get-project-version-unresolved-issue-count: Returns a issue count of project version.

get-project-versions: Returns a list of project versions.

get-users: Returns a list of all users (active, inactive and deleted users) .

get-vote: Returns details about the votes on an issue.

get-watcher: Returns the watchers for an issue.

list-issue-types: List all issue types for user / project

list-issues: List all issues for project

list-projects: Returns all projects visible to the user.

list-recent-projects: Returns a list of up to 20 projects recently viewed by the user.

merge-project-versions: Merge two version of project.

remove-issue-labels: Remove label from issue.

restore-deleted-project: Restores a project that has been archived or placed in the Jira recycle bin.

update-custom-field: Updates a custom field.

update-issue: update issues for project

update-issue-comment: Update comment to issue

update-project: Update a project based on a project type template.

update-project-version: Update a version of project.