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Splunk Commands


get-alert-actions: Access a list of alert actions

get-app-templates: Access app templates for creating new apps.

get-catalog-metrics: List all the metrics available for catalog.

get-catalog-metrics-rollup: Use this endpoint to retrieve lists of metric indexes and their rollup summaries for a given metric index.

get-cluster-config: Access cluster node configuration details.

get-data-commands: Access Python search commands.

get-fired-alerts: Access a fired alerts summary.

get-index-volume: Get information about the volume (logical drives) in use by the Splunk deployment.

get-kvstore-status: Access KV store status information for standalone or search head clustering (SHC) deployments.

get-saved-eventtypes: Access an event type.

get-search-job: List search jobs.

get-search-job-results: List search job results by ID.

get-workloads-status: Get information on the current status of workload management.

list-datamodels: Access data models.

list-saved-searches: Access saved searches configuration.

list-search-job: List search jobs.