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Get cloudwatch Notifications. View/Modify cloudwatch alarms and metrics.


Cloudwatch integration gives you ability to get the notifications from cloudwatch into Maira and view detailed information about your cloudwatch alarms and metrics. You can also modify the alarm state for your testing purposes.


To integrate with Cloudwatch, no extra configuration is needed to view detailed info about alarms and metrics. The AWS configuration should configure cloudwatch as well for you, please refer AWS integration page.

We need to do small amounts of configuration to receive notifications from cloudwatch through SNS.

  1. Log in to your AWS account and proceed to SNS.
  2. Click on "Create topic" to configure the display name and related details. Fill in the details as per your requirements and then click on "Create topic".
  3. Now inside the topic, click on "Create subscription" to get "Create subscription" page. Select the protocol as "HTTPS" and in the endpoint enter the URL as "". Finally, click on "Create subscription" to create the subscription.
  4. Auth Username: Enter the CLIENT_ID provided by maira
  5. Auth Password: Enter the CLIENT_SECRET provided by maira
  6. The "Subscription ID" for the subscription should immediately change from "PendingConfirmation" to "Confirmed". Click on the refresh button to verify the same.
  7. Now you can go to any of your AWS services for which you want to set the Alarm. We'll take the example of "EC2" in this case.
  8. Right-click on your EC2 instance and go to "CloudWatch Monitoring". Click on "Add/Edit Alarms".
  9. Click on "Create Alarm" and in the following dialog box for "Send a notification to" drop down, select the topic you created earlier. Configure the alarm as per your requirements and finally click on "Create Alarm". Now you will start receiving incidents on Maira whenever this Alarm moves to "ALARM" state.
  10. Under "Actions", add a notification selecting "Whenever this alarm: State is OK" and "Send notification to:" as the topic you created earlier. Finally click on "Save Changes".

Your Amazon CloudWatch Integration is now good to go!

Whenever an Alarm moves to OK state inside CloudWatch the corresponding incident will automatically be resolved in Maira.