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Prometheus Commands


clean-tombstones: Clean Tombstones

delete-series: Delete data for a selection of series in a time range

get-alertmanagers: Get the Prometheus alertmanager discovery

get-alerts: Get the list of active alerts

get-build-info: Get build information properties

get-config: Get currently loaded configuration

get-flags: Get prometheus flags

get-label-values: Get label values for a provided label name

get-labels: Get list of label names

get-metric-metadata: Get metadata about metrics currently scrapped from targets

get-rules: Get alerting and recording rule

get-runtime-info: Get various runtime information

get-series: Get time series for given label set

get-target-metadata: Get metadata about metrics scraped from targets

get-targets: Get the Prometheus target discovery

get-tsdb-stats: Get timeseries database statistics

get-wal-replay-stats: Get statistics for wal replay

query: Run a prometheus query at a single point in time

query-exemplars: Get exemplars for given PromQL query and time range

range-query: Run a prometheus query over a range of time

snapshot: Create a snapshot of all current data