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github add-issue-comment

Add a comment to a github issue


Add a comment to a github issue


github add-issue-comment
    [--site <site>]
    --repo <repo>
    --issue <issue>
    [--comment <comment>]


site - (string)

     Site where this command will be executed
     Example: --site "site-1"
     Default:      Attributes: optional

repo - (string)

     Fully Qualified Repository Name for issue
     Example: --repo "github_user1/test_repo_1"
     Default: _None_      Attributes: required

issue - (int)

     issue number
     Example: --issue 1
     Default: _None_      Attributes: required

comment - (string)

     comment to be added
     Example: --comment "Write a user facing document on how to create new integration and commands"
     Default: _None_      Attributes: optional



x=!github add-issue-comment --repo "maira-io/apiserver" --issue 108 --comment "new comment"
    "url": "",
    "html_url": "",
    "issue_url": "",
    "id": 1159210585,
    "node_id": "IC_kwDOE8hIb85FGCZZ",
    "user": {
        "login": "sbansal7",
        "id": 1282760,
        "node_id": "MDQ6VXNlcjEyODI3NjA=",
        "avatar_url": "",
        "gravatar_id": "",
        "url": "",
        "html_url": "",
        "followers_url": "",
        "following_url": "{/other_user}",
        "gists_url": "{/gist_id}",
        "starred_url": "{/owner}{/repo}",
        "subscriptions_url": "",
        "organizations_url": "",
        "repos_url": "",
        "events_url": "{/privacy}",
        "received_events_url": "",
        "type": "User",
        "site_admin": false
    "created_at": "2022-06-17T20:35:18Z",
    "updated_at": "2022-06-17T20:35:18Z",
    "author_association": "CONTRIBUTOR",
    "body": "new comment",
    "reactions": {
        "url": "",
        "total_count": 0,
        "+1": 0,
        "-1": 0,
        "laugh": 0,
        "hooray": 0,
        "confused": 0,
        "heart": 0,
        "rocket": 0,
        "eyes": 0
    "performed_via_github_app": null

Access Control

To use this command, you need access to the following:

Field Value
Action "update"
Service Type "github"
Service Instance
Namespace repo
Object Type "issue"
Object ID issue

Please see Access Control for details.